Perfect   Pressure   Aromatherapy

A full body treatment combining a sequence of pressure points and strokes over the back, legs, feet, face, scalp and abdomen, using the best aromatherapy oils available. The combined effect of the blended oils on the mind and the pressures on the body make this one of the most relaxing treatments.

1 hour 20 minutes.......£40  

Hot Stone Therapy

The original Hot Stone Therapy combines the smooth, warm, weight of Basalt stones , their energetic volcanic origin , along with years of practical experience results in the resorative power of a 'grounding calm'


90 minutes......£50

Specialist Pregnancy Massage       

For peace of mind always ask your Doctor about lying face down.Available after 3 months of pregnancy. Mums-to-be  are able to lie face down with the bump supported in a specially designed hole. Broad elastic bands expand to secure baby in comfort, while mums experience the blissful feeling of being face down. The treatment targets stiff shoulders and achy lower back, as well as heavy legs, swollen ankles and sore feet.

An ideal gift for a special time.                           

60 mins......... 45

90 minutes ...........£50